Monday, September 16, 2013

C4T #1 Blog Post

Comments for Teachers

Lee Kolbert's blog "A Geeky Momma's Blog" was very entertaining and a great read! I read her post titled: “Levels of Social Gaming
Candy Crush Game Logo
Acceptance”, written on July 20th, 2013. She writes a comical post about the trending game Candy Crush. The post begins with her complaining about her friends making Facebook posts about the game. She doesn't want to accept her friend’s invitations to play the addicting game. Then one day everything changes while she is waiting at the doctor's office. We all know how this ends right? There in the midst of boredom she caves in and starts playing the all time addicting game of Candy Crush! She is now hooked and is playing the game at full force. She ended her post with “Don’t try to resist. Just go into the light.” The post was funny and I enjoyed reading it! Even though the post was light hearted and fun, I still learned something. I learned that you should always give something new a try, even if you think you won't like it. You cannot learn and grow without putting yourself out there and trying something new.

Summary of Comment

In my comment to Lee’s post
I included my name and that I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I also mentioned that I am taking a EDM310 class, and that we are creating blogs as well. I also included my links. I complimented her on how entertaining her post was to read and how much I enjoyed it. I also told her how I could relate to “falling victim” to the Candy Crush game. I was a holdout on the game at first too, now I cannot get enough! All in all I would definitely recommend Lee Kolbert's blog "A Geeky Momma's Blog".

2nd Post and Comment

On Lee Kolbert's blog "A Geeky Momma's Blog" she included a post from Diigo, a web annotation tool. The post was written on September 10th, 2013. In the post the company Diigo welcomed
Diigo Company Logo
its 7th million user and celebrated a major redesign. The post included some background information on Diigo. Diigo first started out as a social bookmarking service back in 2005. Now the company also includes web archiving, group collaboration, image/screenshot markup,mobile apps and so much more. Diigo has become a multi-tool for personal knowledge management. Diigo now provides a way for knowledge-oriented information consumption like reading, browsing, collaborating, and remembering. They say that they are here to streamline work flow and dramatically improve your productivity. I learn something new everyday. I had never heard of Diigo until I read this post. The post was straightforward and informative. It included a brief history of the company and the new changes that it made to be more efficient. After reading this post I learned about a web tool that I could possibly use in the future for my classes!

In my response
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to the Diigo Blog Post, I introduced myself again and I said the name of University that I am attending. I also included a link to the EDM310 class blog and a link to my own personal blog. In my comment, I explained to Lee that I had never heard of the web company Diigo. I learned about the web tool through reading the information on the blog post that she posted to her blog. I explained how I thought that Diigo seemed like a useful tool, especially for some college courses. I also told her that I might even use the web tool for my classes. The post was informative and straightforward. I  learned some new information about a possible tool that I might use for school!

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