Saturday, October 5, 2013

Project #13

Project Based Learning Plan #1

Lesson Plan #1
Created By: Heather Smith, Amanda Weller, Briann Smith, Lisa Smith

For Project #13
Google Presentation of PBL Lesson Plan

This Lesson Plan addresses the following Common Core Standards:

  • A:A3.1 - take responsibility for their actions
  • C:C2.2 - learn how to use conflict management skills with peers and adults
  • PS:A1.6 - distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • PS:A2.3 - recognize, accept, respect and appreciate individual differences
  • PS:A2.4 - recognize, accept and appreciate ethnic and cultural diversity
  • PS:B1.6 - know how to apply conflict-resolution skills
  • The Lesson Plan is intented for students in grade level 2, even though it can be manipulated for all lower grade levels. The Lesson plan is covered over a course of three weeks.

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    1. Thorough, thoughtful, well done! Be prepared to present in the mandatory classes this week.