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September: C4K Summary Post

The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.                                                                                                        ~Mark Twain

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         I have really enjoyed reading the c4k blog posts this month. I think it is amazing that teachers are giving their students the opportunity to create blogs. I wish I had that opportunity when I was in school. It has been fascinating to read their posts and to see how they express their thoughts and feelings.

C4K#1: This I Believe

The first c4k that I read was by a student named Paige, in Mrs. Martin's class. In Mrs. Martin's 4th block English class, she assigned her students to complete "This I believe" essays. In the assignment, the students had to state a belief and include a personal story that explained how he/she came to this belief. The blog post was quite interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. In Paige's blog post, she wrote about how she met her boyfriedend and the love and friendship that she shared with him. In her post, she also wrote about how her boyfriend was one of the guys, that was tried as an adult in the tragic death of the young girl named Summer Moody. Summer Moody was a close friend to both of them. She described how they helped eachother get through that horrible time in their life and that their love for eachother still endured.

"This I believe"
By: Paige


 “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession ever could”(Barbara De Angelis).

My boyfriend and i have been together for two years . Through all the fights and fussing. All the sad times, happy times and hard times we’re still together. The more I think about it the more I realized how much we have been through. We’ve

Painting of a Heart

been friends since we were little kids and I never would have through we would end up together. When Dylan and I were in elementary school we met. My brothers and I became friends with him. We were all together every day. Our parents were also friends. Dylan and I would fight and argue over the most ridiculous things. Since our parents were friends, Dylan and I went places together often. We went to the river a lot together during the summer time. We went to the same elementary school, middle school and high school. Dylan didn’t graduate but he did go to Baldwin County High School. However when I was in middle school I moved to Florida to live with my mom for a while. I ended up being there for 2 years. When I finally moved back to Alabama I lived with my Aunt in WhiteHouse Fork. I saw Dylan one day and we started talking again. Of course I haven’t seen him in two years, so we catch up on things. Of course in two years we have both matured. We talked for about a month and then we started dating June twenty sixth of two thousand eleven. My Aunt did not like Dylan at all so I had to sneak around to see him. After about a year of our dating, our friend Summer Moody is killed on the river while she  was with Dylan, Scott and Parnell, so all three boys were tried as adults for murder and end up staying in jail over a year. The entire time he’s in jail I pretty much live at his house. I waited for him to get out miserably for over a year and he finally gets out. Our relationship is better than ever. We now live with each other and we have now been together two years and two months.  “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”(Bruce Lee). This I Believe, Love Is Real. <3

My Comment:
Hi Paige!
My name is Briann Smith, I am student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently enrolled in a class called EDM310. My instructor Dr. Strange assigned me to your blog! I  have a Blog as well, that I am completing for my EDM 310 class .
I really enjoyed reading your “This I Believe” post. You did an amazing job in sharing your personal story. The two quotes you chose about love went perfectly with your post. I can tell how much you really love and care for your boyfriend. Your story was inspiring. You showed great courage by standing by your boyfriend through that difficult time. I can tell that you are a very strong and determined person. The post was great and you did a wonderful job on explaining your belief.
C4K#2: New York...New York!
FAO Schwarz Logo
The second c4k post that I read was by Candelaria in Mrs. Greta's class. In her post she described her trip to New York and the places that she visited while there. She first explained that her name is Candelaria, but her nickname is Candy. She describe how much she was enjoying her trip. One of the places she got the chance to visit was FAO Schwarz, the amazing toy store that is located in New York. Her post was very brief, but I could tell that she was enjoying her time in the fabouluos city of New York!

My Comment:
Hi Candy,
My name is Briann Smith and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the EDM class. It is very nice to meet you! That is very cool that you got a chance to visit New York and go into the FAO Schwarz toy store. I have never been to New York, but it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I think it’s great that you are creating a blog. I have a blog as well that I post to for my EDM class.You wrote a great post! I hope you continue to have fun and learn new things during the school year!

C4K#3: Kate Sheppard

In the third c4k post that I read well, I actually watched it because it was a video on Kate Sheppard.The student's assignment was to create a video on a historical figure. The students created the video using Vimeo. I had never heard of Kate Sheppard until I watched the student's video. The video was in a interiew format and it showed Heremaia interviewing a fellow student who was pretending to be Kate Sheppard. The interview was about how Kate Sheppard got on the New Zealand ten dollar bill. I really enjoyed watching the video and I thought the idea of doing a interview was great.

My Comment:
Hi Heremaia,
My name is Briann Smith, I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am in the EDM 310 class,where I also have a Blog. I thought your video on Kate Sheppard was informative and entertaining! I never knew who Kate Sheppard was until I watched your video.I think it is great that you get the chance to create videos and have a blog. Keep up the good work!

C4K#4: The"R" Word

In the final c4k, I read a blog post by, Morgan. Her class had just finished reading a book on the "R" word. Her teacher, Mrs.Ripps asked her students to create a post on their thoughts about the "R" word and how they can help kids to not use it. She asked them what message they should tell them and how they would spread the word. Morgan gave a great post and expailantion on why people should not use the "R" word. She said that it can hurt people's feelings and that it teaches young kids to not believe in people. In her post she also talked about, a website that supports the ban of the "R" word and it has a pledge that people take against using the"R" word.

The “R” Word

Ban against the "R" Word logo
   I think people should stop using the “R” Word. Because It can hurt peoples feeling. It effects people with disability’s. It also teaches young kids to not believe in people. Did you know a women in Canada found a nasty message on the cap of her ZERO vitamin water bottle. The message read: You Retard! Did you also know that you can pledge on To the elimination of the R word from everyday speech and promote the exception and inclusion of people with Disabilities. There has already been over 400,000 people who have already pledged. I also think people should not use that word to hurt people.

My Comment:
Hi Morgan,

My name is Briann Smith and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I also have a blog.I make posts to it for my EDM 310 class.I really enjoyed reading your blog post on the "R" word. I completely agree with you, that people should stop using the “R” word. It is a very hurtful and demeaning word that no one should use. I believe  one way to stop people from using word is to teach them offensive it can be. Your teacher is also doing a great job by having your class read a book on the topic. I also like the idea of the R-Word website. I think that’s great that people are taking pledges against the R-word. I think you're doing a Fantastic job in spreading the message against using the “R” word!

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