Sunday, November 24, 2013

Project #2: Final PLN Report

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere
~Chinese Proverb

At the beginning of the semester in my EDM310 class, I was assigned to create a PLN or Personal Learning Network. So what is a PLN and
Personal learning network
what does it do,you ask? A PLN is basically your set of tools and collection of people,who you go to for things such as collaboration and assistance just to name a few. The PLN provides a effective and easy way to communicate,engage, and exchange information online.

One of my goals for this semester was to fill up my PLN and I finally did it! For my Personal Learning Network, I used the program Symbaloo. I have really enjoyed creating and using my Personal Learning Network. While adding things to my PLN, I have found so many great new resources that I can use now as a student and in the future as a teacher. Not only, have I used my Personal Learning Network for my EDM310 class, but I have also used it for several of my other classes as well. Some of the new things that I have added to my PLN include blogs, teacher resources, and websites. Here is a complete list of the things that I have added:
Mastery Connect Logo
Some of the sites that I included on my PLN came from my group and I's blog post #8 on 21st century learning and communicating tools. We all found some really great tools like: GlogsterMastery Connect, and Voki. The other sites that I included on my PLN are some resources that I was already using for my other classes. I also included blogs from my C4T blog readings. I also included other educator blogs that I came across myself. I have really have enjoyed using my Personal Learning Network. I have learned so much from my resources in it!

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